One great reason for adding videos to your channel on YouTube to your page is to given more content to your audience. When viewers have a lot of nice content that is used used to solve their problems, they will stay more time and like to visit often more and like to come back to your site. We have seen more engagement that we would not have seen without the video on the video channel, and in 7, we are only 50 videos in. adding the extra content is a nice side that will drive you more traffic.

 People can easily now find you and your videos on YouTube on your site. Right now also we still make more traffic from our site to channel of YouTube than other the way around; you can also start a blog for food, health, etc. this will probably give you a result as well. You have started to post the videos on your most trafficked gaining posts. Your brand will grow fast because of the cool side effects. Get YouTube likes then your channel will enhance you have the video content on some other place to get your product out there in any other location, which starts to grow the awareness level and expertise the things you have.  

For spreading and building a community, the videos are it encourages the familiarity level. You can create a much more connection with people personally and let the viewers get to know about you and see how you react and act to certain situations.  There is something about video watching where you can feel like you are working with someone on a problem or in such a case as cooking. Right now, videos are just hot. One of the biggest reasons we start to video adding is we thought that it was a great way to start to stand out. While more bloggers have gotten already into the video niche and a group of viewers makes watching the YouTube channel right now. It gives a good creative outlet.  One of the great things about the video content is that it pushes outside from your comfort zone. You are adding the videos done for viewers. You are solving the problem of audiences hopefully and creating the best content.  Start your YouTube channel to make your business reach all types of audiences.