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How To Get More Views For Instagram Reels?

Is creating an Instagram Reel stressing you out?

It’s no wonder that advertisers and independent producers want to take advantage of the Reel format, given that 45% of Instagram users interact with at least one Reel each week.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the best Instagram Reels tricks that are sure to generate more views to assist social media managers get the hang of making viral Instagram Reels.
Social media content strategy and Instagram Reel hacks

Do you need Reels in your content strategy for social media?

Brands need to change with the times if they want to keep up with their target demographics, and that’s especially true if those demographics include millennials and Gen Zers.

It’s no secret that the wildly successful TikTok served as an inspiration for Reels. The success of Reels may be attributed to the fact that it follows a tried-and-true, extremely addicting format.

Brands are able to experiment with Reels on Instagram thanks to the platform’s many tools, like Remix for pictures, formats and templates, video clipping, draughts, the augmented reality effect, and even the timer.

As part of their content strategy, social media managers should use Reels to increase brand awareness by informing their target demographic about the company, showcasing its core values, and emphasising the features that set its goods apart from the competition.

Two Instagram Reel View Boosting Tips

Let’s get down to business now that you know how vital it is to take use of Instagram’s Reels feature.

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof method to game Instagram’s algorithm and instantly amass tens of thousands of views.

There are, however, steps you can take to improve your Reels and increase your chances of success.

Here are 13 ideas to try if you want more people to watch and enjoy your Instagram Reels:

Post in-feed Reels of your Work

Making your Reels accessible from your profile is the first step to increasing them exposure. Keeping them hidden away in your Reels tabs is risky business since it reduces the likelihood that your clip will be seen.

You may avoid ruining Instagram’s design by selecting a cover photo for your Reel.

Don’t copy material from other applications without permission

Instagram claims that it de-prioritizes Reels that are blatantly plagiarised from other applications. This might reduce the chances that your Instagram posts will be included on the Explore Page and the Reels page.

Avoid the TikTok watermark by all means necessary by making your Reel inside of Instagram using the numerous editing tools available there.

In this approach, more people will be exposed to your material.

Pick a well looking thumbnail

Instagram may seem like a preferable option for selecting a cover image for your Reels, but that’s not always the case.

Choose a thumbnail that is both aesthetically appealing and capable of capturing the attention of readers fast.

Add some words or a quotation as a headline to assist your audience understand the context of the material you’re providing. Before even watching the Reel, this will provide additional value.

Mind the screen’s text arrangement

If the text is too small or too light, viewers may likely skip over your video.

When adding text, keep the ratio of 4:5 in mind, since this is the optimal size for sharing on a feed. The overall look of the article will improve, and the readability of the material will increase.

Evaluate how well your Instagram reels are doing

You may strike it rich with your Instagram Reel once.

To be successful, though, you’ll need to have a sizable Instagram following.

Understanding the approach that will guarantee ongoing success calls for extensive investigation. It’s not easy by any means, especially without a strategy and the appropriate social media tools.

Everyone may now view Instagram Reels data. Anyone may see how popular a Reel is by clicking on the Reels tab or seeing it in their feed.

But let’s say you’re a company using Reels. If that’s the case, you should dig further into interaction and reach statistics to see how Reels are assisting you in building your Instagram profile and what aspects of this process are successful and what are not.

To find trends and learn what matters to their audience, marketers may do an Instagram audit utilising social media analytics tools.

Why aren’t anyone watching your Reels?

You’ve tried every trick in the book, but your Instagram Reels still aren’t getting enough views, according to your monthly report.

It’s possible the explanation is simpler than you’re imagining.

Instagram is always working to learn more about your profile so that it can show your posts to the people who will find them most interesting.

When starting out on Instagram as a business, it’s important to prioritise the development of an authentic following.

Views on Instagram will always follow fans, unlike on TikTok where anyone can become popular suddenly.


Don’t discount Reels’ significance.

People look to the internet for entertainment, education, and motivation.

Instagram is cognizant of this fact and will actively promote content that adheres to these standards.

Making Reels may be the best strategy for gaining exposure for your company and expanding your fan base in the short term.

With Reels, even a modest account may develop steadily over time and produce remarkable outcomes in far less time than was previously possible.

Simply adhering to our Instagram Reels views tricks, being patient, and adding value to each clip you upload will guarantee you a larger audience.

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