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How To Get Verified On Instagram In 2023?

Are the blue checkmarks that appear next to certain Instagram users’ names getting on your nerves? To get your Instagram account verified, have you ever pondered how to do that?

Having your Instagram account verified is a significant accomplishment that may open doors to many opportunities. Brands, followers, and other users are more likely to interact with verified accounts because of their increased credibility, legitimacy, and influence.

However, becoming an Instagram verified user is a challenging endeavour. It involves a time-consuming application process, certain eligibility requirements, and the provision of supporting materials.

What were you thinking? In this post, we’ll explore the realm of Instagram verification and provide you with all the information you need to take the next step towards becoming a trusted member of the Instagram community.

To get Verified on Instagram: What Does That Mean?

To be “verified” on Instagram means that Instagram has determined your account to be “the authentic presence of the public person, celebrity, or worldwide brand it represents.”

Instagram verification, often known as the blue checkmark emblem or blue tick, lets other Instagram users know that a profile really does belong to the individual, artist, company, or organisation it claims to represent.

You’ve probably seen a good number of badges of authenticity. Small blue checkmarks, like those on Twitter, Facebook, and yes, Tinder, are meant to show that the site has verified the account owner’s identity and trustworthiness.

The purpose of these badges is to help Instagram users identify genuine accounts so they may follow them with confidence. They are noticeable in search results and profile pages, and they give off an air of authority.

The 2023 Instagram Verification Game Plan

The steps required to have your Instagram account verified are few. Let’s take a look at the Instagram verification process in 2023 and how to speed it up.

  • To access your profile settings, go to Instagram and click the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
  • Select Preferences.
  • Access the Verification Request by selecting Account.
  • Please fill out the application.
  • Your whole, official name
  • Referring to you by your “nickname” or “working name”
  • Choose your field or specialisation (such as blogger/influencer, sports, news/media, business/brand/organization, etc.).
  • Your picture ID from a recognised government agency must also be uploaded. A valid photo ID, such as a driver’s licence or passport, may be required. A power bill, formal business document, or tax filings will suffice for businesses.
  • To finish, hit the send button.

Can An Average Joe Get Instagram Verification?

An estimated 73.4% of Instagram profiles with over one million followers are verified, per a survey by Statista in 2020. Instagram has only verified 0.8% of accounts between 1000 and 5000 followers.

Instagram often validates public figures, companies, corporations, and accounts with a significant number of followers.

Instagram has been open and honest about the process of being verified, but they have not established any hard and fast regulations or requirements for doing so. Nonetheless, there is a set of information we are aware of, and they are as follows:

The first step is to follow the rules set forth by the network’s TOS and Community Guidelines.
Instructions on How to Get Your Instagram Account Verified:

Does your profile represent a real person, a real business, or a well-known name? For example, you can’t make a “fan” account.

Instagram is unusual in that each user may only have one verified account, while language-specific profiles are allowed.

Instagram accounts that are set to private cannot be verified.

Do you have a comprehensive profile, with a photo and at least one post?

In Instagram parlance, “notable” means a user is “well-known” and “frequently searched for.” This is where decisions become subjective.

A validated badge can be requested if the necessary requirements are met.

Instagram’s Verification Status Is Open To Who?

Instagram provides the option for verification to everyone, regardless of their level of fame or the amount of people that follow their account. Users only be famous or have a lot of followers in order to get the verified badge on the platform; there are other requirements as well.

To get Instagram verified, how many followers do you need exactly?
Instagram has not revealed how many followers are required for the blue checkmark.

Despite the fact that there are confirmed profiles of influential persons on the site with fewer than 2,000 followers.

The benefits of having your Instagram account

Some of the benefits of having your Instagram account confirmed include:

With the verified badge, other Instagram users will know that your brand or business’s account is legitimate. It verifies your identity and shows potential clients, customers, and visitors that you are who you say you are on the internet.

Account impersonation and other forms of digital identity theft are quite common on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Here’s where Instagram’s blue tick feature really pays off. A verified Instagram account is denoted by a blue checkmark, making it easier for your fans and followers to tell you apart from fake profiles.

Verified Instagram accounts gain early access to the platform’s newest features before accounts that aren’t verified.

Better visibility in search results, more followers, and more purchases may all be yours with an Instagram verification badge.

With a blue checkmark next to your username, you’ll have access to exclusive paid collaboration opportunities as an Instagram influencer. Your profile will show up higher in relevant searches, making it more accessible to large corporations looking for lucrative partnerships.

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