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Improving Your Instagram Exposure Through Highlight Reels

Would you like to ramp up your Instagram marketing? You must give Reels a try. Instagram Reels, which debuted a little over a year ago, has been a boon for social media marketers in several ways. This post will explain why using Reels is a great idea if you want to expand your Instagram audience and how to get started with it.
C’mon, then, and we’ll get going.

In other words, what exactly are Instagram Reels?

30-second Instagram reels can have audio, text, effects, and stickers. Reels resemble Stories at first glance, but they are 15 seconds longer, consist solely of video, and have their own tab in a user’s profile in addition to their own feed.
To combat the success of TikTok, Instagram Reels were created. Over 3.2 million people downloaded TikTok in 2020, making it the second most popular app that year.

Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, decided to try to compete with TikTok after seeing its success with Stories, an idea they stole from Snapchat. Earlier this year, in August, Instagram introduced a new feature called “Reels,” further demonstrating the platform’s success in capitalising on the growing popularity of the short video format.

Making a Reel Video

Simply click the camera icon at the bottom of your screen, then select “Reels” from the menu that appears. Before beginning to record, you can choose from the following options:

You have the option of using the video’s original soundtrack, adding a song or audio track from Instagram’s music library, or doing nothing at all.
To add augmented reality effects, pick from a gallery of dozens of available options.
If you want to capture your movie without using your hands and there’s no one nearby to help you, the timer and countdown feature is a great choice.
The speed feature is useful if you want to speed up or slow down the video while you’re recording, which is useful if you’re planning on taking many photos.
If your video goes above 30 seconds, you may trim it down using editing software. You may also use videos you have already filmed. After your reel has been published, it will be accessible through the Reels section of your profile.

The Importance of Including Instagram Reels in Your Marketing Plan

You probably know what Instagram Reels are by now, but we haven’t addressed a crucial question: why should you utilise them? If you’re an Instagram user, Reels are a great way to have some lighthearted, social fun with your followers. When you’re the boss, the advantages aren’t always so obvious.

If you’re a company owner or social media marketer, Reels are a great addition to your Instagram content strategy. This includes your posts, Stories, IGTV, and store. Since Instagram just released Reels, the algorithm has begun prioritising this new form of content above regular video.

Users love to watch entertaining Instagram Reels, so you shouldn’t treat them as adverts but as a casual means of interacting with your target demographic.

Content might be produced professionally or made to appear organic and spontaneous. If the latter is the case, the cost of producing your Instagram Reels will be inexpensive in comparison to other forms of video content.

Improving Your Instagram Exposure Through Highlight Reels

Develop Some Attention-Grabbing Material

Good material is essential to the success of Instagram Reels. Instagram users are on the lookout for entertaining, informative, and novel posts to view.

Brands, according Instagram’s recommendations, should produce Reels that are:

  • Engaging and amusing
  • Inspiring
  • Experimental

These “challenges” typically take the form of humorous or dancing videos posted by users, which then go viral. Successful brands that care about their audience’s development often use nontraditional material, such as reels, to reach and engage with that audience.

Due to the short length of Instagram reels, every second counts when trying to capture the attention of your target audience.

Adhere to People’s Suggestions on Instagram

Advertisers are encouraged to use Instagram’s Reels feature by the platform.

Text, camera effects, and filter combo
Alignment: vertical (16:9)
Instagram’s own music collection, custom audio, and audio from other Reels
These elements aren’t required, but they will make your clip more interesting and increase the likelihood that your audience will watch it. In fact, it’s reasonable to argue that these three features are what set Instagram Reels apart from Stories and normal posts. Take use of our Instagram Video Maker, which features pre-loaded music, easy format switching with just a click, and a straightforward interface for adding text, filters, and other effects.

Furthermore, Instagram advises businesses to not use Reels that:

  • lack detail or resolution
  • include logos and/or watermarks
  • Put a frame around them to draw the eye of your users.
  • Much of the footage is submerged in text.
  • Attempt to circumvent Instagram’s rules

Implement a content plan

Since Reels are still relatively novel for most businesses, it is recommended that you research what they are doing to develop interesting content. The content of the businesses you study might serve as a source of ideas even if they aren’t directly related to your own field. You should also evaluate your current material to determine what may be repurposed for use in Instagram Reels.

You could add music and augmented reality effects to a reel you made including user-generated footage, for instance. You may search the audio collection for any relevant recordings that fit your video’s tone, as audio is one of the things that sets Reels apart from every other Instagram content type.

Use video subtitles, which boost interaction from previously silenced viewers.

Hashtags should also be used. Instagram lets you post up to 30 photos or videos each highlight reel alongside an engaging commentary. You have plenty of room to compose detailed material within the 2,000-character restriction.

Whether it’s normal posts, stories, IGTV, or Reels, educational information is the most useful sort of content a company can utilise on Instagram. If you want your business to remain top-of-mind with your audience, it’s important to provide helpful information and lessons.

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