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Suggestions for Bringing Back a Dormant Instagram Account

If you don’t have an active Instagram account, you’re missing out on a lot of potential revenue gains. But, what does “dead Instagram account” genuinely imply?
Your Instagram account is inactive, earning you poor interaction, limited reach, and few impressions while having a respectable amount of followers, as the name suggests.

This might happen if you are silent for a time and your followers lose track of you in their feeds, or if the quality of the stuff you’ve been sharing starts to erode their interest.

One major consequence of a low ER is that fewer people will be exposed to your business or product. Because of this, fewer people will be familiar with your brand, resulting in lower website traffic, fewer purchases, and lower profits.

The good news is that your Instagram profile may be brought back from the brink of death. But first, let’s speak about the warning indicators that indicate your page may use some work.

If my account has been dead, how can I tell?

Your Instagram account and entire approach may be evaluated with the use of analytics. Profile views, audience size, number of impressions, and content success can all be viewed directly inside Instagram.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t give us any data on how engaged our audience is. Effectiveness rate (ER) is a crucial parameter for Instagram marketers. ER is expressed as a percentage. If your ER is low, then your Instagram account is dormant.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering what exactly low ER is. The optimal ER rate is contextual, taking into account both the total number of followers and the profile type. When compared to profiles of people like bloggers, influencers, producers, etc., the ER is often lower for companies and corporations (commercial accounts).
In general, though, you should rethink your Instagram approach if your ER is less than 2%.
While using Instagram as the primary eCommerce channel, the ER should be prioritised over the amount of likes or followers, especially for small or aspiring businesses with modest profits.

Reviving a dormant account and what not to do

The Instagram account may be revived, but it will require time and work on your part. And just as with anything else, there are certain common pitfalls to avoid.

Now, let’s get started with what you can do right now to revitalise the profile.


Continuous updates will be posted

Well, duh. Infrequent posting is a contributing factor to your low activity score on Instagram, as we’ve already mentioned. In your absence, your fans might forget about you.

If this is the case and your Instagram engagement has suffered after an extended hiatus, try sticking to a regular posting schedule. You should experiment with how often you want to post, whether it’s once a week or numerous times a day. The key is consistency.

Remember to use IGTVs, video posts, and live streams in addition to stories and their associated stickers. Just use whatever Instagram recommends you post. And software like Combin Scheduler may help you establish this consistency. Planning the material will help you remember to post it on all of your accounts.

Take part in extracurricular activities

After you establish a publishing schedule, your account will naturally get followers. In this way, exposure, profile views, and interaction all increase. In response to your posts, stories, and DMs, your audience will engage with you in various ways.
All that’s required of you is a response; simply chatting with and debating your target audience is sufficient.

Create material with your target demographic in mind

There is a natural attrition rate of followers according to the number of profile visits. Indeed, that is the norm. This implies that Instagram will recommend your posts to users who have little interest in what you have to offer, but among them is bound to be your target demographic. Is there a way to keep them? Including material.

Studying what other comparable accounts or those with a similar concept are doing to garner followers might help you better serve your own audience. Your content strategy will benefit from this in that it will provide motivation and a better picture of where to go from here.

Collect more contacts

Collaborate with other accounts in your field, hold competitions with them, and tag them in posts where they’ll likely reply (but don’t overdo it, since Instagram will see this as spamming).

The secret is to forge alliances with other accounts that might be of interest to your target demographic.

Put up user-generated content

The social evidence you need comes in the form of user-generated content. Your audience will see that you have something of value to offer them since you found this and decided to repost it. Send along any comments, video reviews, or tagged postings that feature your name.

However check that this information is relevant to the theme of your site.

Set up some competitions and challenges

Our focus must be here. At our last meeting, we discussed the best ways to encourage participation from your tribe members through the use of contests. In a nutshell: design contests around the incentives that matter to your audience, not those of a mass audience.

In contrast, completing a challenge successfully is incredibly rewarding and requires nothing in the way of motivation. Do you recall the ten-year challenge, the FaceApp age challenge, or the Gradient challenge in which famous people were Photoshopped to appear like you? In the absence of monetary incentive, your challenge will go viral if it is interesting and entertaining enough.

The removal of ghost followers

Disengaged followers are just extra baggage that you don’t need, so you may get rid of them at any time. As an aside, they will not be informed.

Bot accounts, commercial accounts (such shops), and accounts with more than 500 followers should all be deleted. The main Instagram app makes it simple; just go to Followers, then tap the three dots next to a user’s name, then tap Delete Follower.

Getting rid of popular accounts seems counterproductive. Due to this enormous number, they will not be exposed to your material in their feed.

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