When is the top time to post content on Instagram?

The Later website analyzed twelve million Instagram posts recently and found that the overall time to post content on Instagram is between 9.00 am and 11.00 am EST. Every account on Instagram has individual audiences with fans located across different time zones, countries, and cities, so it is more important to discover your personalized right time to post on Instagram. Here are the best three worlds wide best times to post on the Instagram platform (represented in the eastern standard time).

Sunday: 8am, 7am, and 4pm EST (eastern standard time)

Saturday: 7am, 11pm, and 8pm EST (eastern standard time)

Friday: 5am, 3pm, and 1pm EST (eastern standard time)

Thursday: 9am, 7pm, and 12pm EST (eastern standard time)

Wednesday: 8am, 7am, and 11pm EST (eastern standard time)

Tuesday: 4am, 2am, and  9am EST (eastern standard time)

 Monday: 10am, 6am, and 10pm EST (eastern standard time)

While the times mentioned above are top times to post your content median, if you want to gain more engagement rate, you have to find your personalized top times depending on your individual audiences. The most important factor on Instagram is Timeliness, but it is even more important with the new algorithm of Instagram. Since Instagram is now giving high priority to new posts on the user’s feed, your best point at getting your content in front of your audiences is by posting when most of them are scrolling the application and online. 

You can actually hack the Instagram algorithm by getting more followers and likes and increasing your reach.

Instagram insights can be really helpful to discover your top time zones and see when a maximum of your audiences are online. To measure your progress, keep track of your posting experiments; spreadsheets can really help you. Buying Instagram reels lies helps you to get more exposure.


It is very important to think about your Instagram audiences and followers’ time zones when it comes to the right time to post your content on Instagram.  The top thing you can do to find your top posting time for Instaram ids to using Instagram Insights and the native analytics tool of Instagram to research your audience. The insight tool of Instagram provides you everything you could ask for: when your followers are most active on Instagram, their age, their gender, their location (country, city). You will need to set up an Instagram creator profile or Instagram business profile in order to access Instagram Insights.

One of the best benefits of switching or creating a creator profile is that you can get access to the creator dashboard of Instagram, which is a collection of valuable audience insights such as advanced data for when your fans/ followers are online. Instagramcreator profile also gains access to discover data and growth insights. To track how much engagement you receive for your Instagram profile, you can make a spreadsheet.

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