3 Creative Ideas To Make Your Instagram Reels More Interesting To Watch

Instagram provides different forms of entertainment with various features. By now, it has launched the latest feature called “Instagram Reels,” which is a short form video content format that lets you create and share videos with others on a profile feed, stories, and mainly dedicated feed as an explore page. When you share an explore page, the Instagram community will watch your Reels content. 

In 2019 Instagram firstly introduced Reels in Brazil, and then in 2020, it was launched across 50 countries, including the U.S, U.K, Canada, India, etc. So, IG Reels to marketers can reach worldwide audiences easily. Just record multi-clips and edit 15 seconds clips of Reel using some editing tools such as AR effects, audio, text, giphy stickers and then share with your target audience. Here are the content ideas to create your Reels.

Trending Challenges

Content creators make different challenges that are trending on social media platforms, which help get a lot of engagement. The challenges include cooking challenges, dance challenges, or duet challenges with your friends or family. More challenges are trending around the globe. You can also make challenges using branded hashtags, which can go viral, and you receive more new audiences for your profile. For example, recently “handwash challenge” was viral on social media platforms during the COVID-19 lockdown period. As marketers can easily use challenges to gain new followers for their business, this tactic certainly helps achieve your business goal.

Tutorial Videos

Sharing some interesting tutorial content on various activities which makes more audience watch the entire video. For example, creators or marketers can share hairstyle tutorials (i.e., how to tie a ponytail quickly for a party in just a 15-second video) and DIY ideas of making home decor items or gifts, which content that inspires the visitors to do that too. 

Tutorial videos gain more engagement in terms of comments. More comments on social media platforms boost visibility, increase content reach and helps gain more followers. If you are having a tough time gaining comments, you could make it as simple as choosing to buy Planyourgram Instagram Reels comments to boost content visibility and make it appear on the explore page.

Travel Videos

A creative idea to post content like travel videos that help the audiences watch nature and know a lot of things about different places, follow the culture and food. Showing different places with the best background music makes the visitors happy and calm. These things inspire the audience to watch more of your upcoming videos. 

Final Thoughts

You could know the best time to post your video using the Instagram analytics feature, and while you post that time, increase your video visibility and boost your content quality. Sharing many Reels content so you can showcase your talent on Instagram. There are some creative tools to make your video more attractive and grab the attention of the audience. Create more Reels videos and let the people watch them to creators or marketers can be popular on Instagram platforms. 

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