Humbly Instagram was started as a photo-sharing application. Now Instagram is not only the most popular social media network, but it has also added so many features to keep itself exciting and relevant. The newest addition to Instagram is Reels. Instagram reels allow you to film fifteen to thirty-second lengthy video clips with audio in the background.


Reels are the latest Instagram feature that permits you to shoot and edit fifteen to thirty-second videos. You can set your Reels video clips to music and share them in your Reels section on your profile, feed, and story. Get more comments for your videos by buying Instagram Reels comments. Instagram reels provide you some fun features that help make more appealing videos for audiences. You can add your audio or select from the huge Instagram music library.

  • Reel’s interface is very similar to the interface of the Instagram story.
  • When you open your Instagram camera, you can find the option to create the Reels at the foot of your screen alongside the various options like Stories and Live.
  • After selecting the option “Reels,” you can begin to record a video clip by tapping the camera button and holding it. You will notice a progress bar at the top of the screen that will indicate the time you have before the end of the clip. 
  • You shall find the editing tools for your Reels creation on the left-hand side.
  • You can choose the music that you would like to use in your video’s background.
  • An icon looks like a “stopwatch” that will help determine the video clip’s length. The duration option is from fifteen to thirty seconds.
  • Instagram Reels provides you a timer option that will start to countdown before recording the video clip.
  • Instagram Reels provides you many filters that you can use in your videos to enhance their aesthetic.
  • You can also use text tools and Instagram stickers in your videos.
  •  The Reel is ready to share after you select the thumbnail for your video.
  • The best part is that you can share your Reels in the new Reels tab, Feed, and Story.


You may feel that Reels and Story have the same purpose since both features let you share the short-form videos. However, the story on Instagram lasts up to twenty-four hours, and it encourages the users to apprehend the best moments from their daily life in the slideshow form. But the Reels feature is mainly meant for video content form. Reels have no validity constraint for time. 

Make good content that is liked by audiences. Content should be authentic and exciting and also help you to connect with your audiences and fans better.  To engage with your audience and fans, educational content is another powerful and effective method. Educational videos are trending these days and provide in-depth information. To showcase your services and products, you can use this short-form video feature.

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