How Marketers Can Accomplish Success On Instagram Story- Using Influencer Marketing

If you are looking forward to including influencer marketing as part of your marketing strategy, then you must know how to use them in your business. 

Instagram is a leading social media platform, especially for businesses. I must say that the Instagram story is one of the fantastic features on Instagram. Because it has plenty of attractive options to create innovative content. Did you know? Five hundred million people are using Instagram story features every day. 

So Instagram stories are the right place to promote your business in an engaging way. What will happen if you link influencer marketing in this feature, the result will be you will receive tons of engagement and easily catch audience attention. 

Host Contest & Giveaways 

Most of the marketers have experienced hosting contests and giveaways to captivate new audiences and increase their follower’s rate. It is one of the effective ways to grow your Instagram followers count for your business account. 

Though, if you link your influencer marketing with it, you can still expect more good results.

Once you frame your contest or giveaways completely, your first and foremost action is to ask your influencer to promote your contest details in their Instagram storyboard. By doing this, it will increase more traffic to your account.

It may look like a simple action, but it will have huge impacts. By just mentioning the contest on a famous influencer’s Instagram story page will end up receiving more participants for your contest.  

Give A Demo To Your Products 

Currently, how-to, tutorial forms of videos are trending on all other social media. You may feel it is difficult to create a whole tutorial video. But whereas, it’s easy if you are planning to post the same type of content in the story. Because, in the story, you can simply show your product and talk about it. You don’t need to create a professional-style video. 

It is more effective if your influencer talks about your product and explains its features, benefits. 

If you intend to increase your engagement, then you can buy Instagram story views to bring more visibility to your story. This will help to gain more engagement and reach.

Brands need to present the product demo, any discussion about their products fully professional and perfect. Influencers have the option to bring your demo video funnily and interestingly. 

Release Teasers Or Sneak Peek

If you are planning to launch a new product or add a new feature, plan to post exclusive content before posting it, release sneak peek or teasers for your new stuff. It is one of the most excellent ways to create a buzz among your audience.

You can invite multiple influencers to share your sneak peek in their Instagram story. It will generate more excitement. Ensure you are sharing high-quality with your influencers. Don’t forget to add your launch date. 

Show Off Your Product Picture Or Videos 

It is one of the effective and common ways to use the Instagram story for influencer marketing. Share high-quality, engaging pictures or videos with your influencers. And ask your influencers to share the post in their Instagram story. 

It is an easy, effortless process to bring more traffic to your account, and also, you can get many potential people who are interested in your products.  

Wrapping Up

Another powerful way is to ask your influencer to share discounts, offers that you are planning to run. This way, you can increase sales and give more exposure to your product/brand. We hope that the tips mentioned above will help to enhance your business growth.  

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