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Here Are Some Ways To Give Your Hotel’s Instagram Account More Personality.

The hyper-specific audience of today values personal stories, entertaining culture, useful information, and an emotional connection to brands. To compete, hotels will need to focus on their visitors rather than themselves. This implies that in order to attract and retain customers, a hotel’s Instagram strategy needs to be fresh, engaging, and original. If you want your hotel to stand out, try these three strategies:

Promote your business at a well-attended event

Find a well-attended event to reach many individuals at once. For special occasions such as New Year’s Eve, the Fourth of July, a concert, a parade, a convention, the Super Bowl, etc., hotels often throw parties. Strategic and innovative hotel management may attract large crowds for certain events. The choices are unlimited, from a Grammys viewing party complete with drinks and appetisers to a themed Super Bowl bash.

Work together with key figures in your community

The vast majority of hotels don’t showcase their finest features. Here is where hotel owners and operators should start planning for the memorable experiences they hope their customers will have while staying at their establishment. Inviting consumers to the property to experience a feature, perk, or deal for themselves may produce a lot of positive social proof. Planning a small gathering or “InstaMeet” will encourage influential people in the area to spread the word about your hotel. Finding local bloggers or journalists who can write about your service’s unique selling points is essential. Find some appropriate users, then send them an email inviting them to a gathering.

Inviting local influencers to a happy hour at the hotel is one way to promote the property’s exclusive beverages. Bloggers that write about restaurants, bars, drinks, and hotels in the area are a good resource for this event.

Don’t forget to make a hashtag just for the event or facility, like #fancycocktails. By doing so, people will be more likely to utilise your hashtag and mention your account when sharing photos of your hotel on Instagram.

Hotel Promotion: Instagram Contest, for Free!

Instagram contests are a great way to garner interaction from your audience. Get your fans excited by hosting a contest with a fun prize, like a free stay, event tickets, or a hotel voucher, and by incorporating a fun element, such a certain feature, location, holiday, season, or destination.

Hotel owners could investigate various contest formats, such as hashtag competitions, like-to-win competitions, and selfie-station competitions. To start them rolling, all you need is an original thought and a little initiative.

It’s not simple to gaining new fans, therefore it’s important to spend some time getting to know your visitors. You may learn a lot about what makes your hotel great, what customers anticipate, and what they need by reading their internet reviews. It’s possible that your hotel’s bar, location, or scenery appealed to them. Determine what sets you apart from the competition and use it to your advantage when marketing on Instagram.

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