How to Use Instagram’s Built-In Features to Expand Your Business?

Around a billion people use Instagram. There is a subset of these people who may be ideal customers for a company. From a simple photo-sharing app to a major social network where users engage with each other and marketers build their fan bases. Hence, it’s wise to think about promoting your company there.

Increase your Instagram following to get the same rewards you would on any other social media network. More people will notice your post if you have a larger number of followers. To help you expand your Instagram following and ultimately your business, consider the following suggestions.

Use These Instagram Tools to Expand Your Business

Use a Commercial Account

There are a number of functions exclusive to the corporate account that are absent from the personal account. You may use the analytics, make advertising, take use of the Instagram shopping function, and add a call to action. In addition, Instagram allows you to produce sponsored posts that go to your intended audience, and you can add links to your stories. You may upgrade to a business account at no cost by clicking the “Upgrade” button in the page’s upper right corner. Before making your first post under the business account, take some time to get acquainted with the various features and settings.

Making Use of Open Source Resources

An Instagram business page mimics the format of a Facebook page. It lets you access your profile stats, add a business link, and write a brief bio describing what you do. While promoting your company and its wares, the bio is very crucial. With such little space, your business introduction must be flawless. You may use the Shopify site’s many Instagram bio examples to write a one-of-a-kind bio for your profile.

You can see how many people saw your post, how many people interacted with it, and demographic data about your audience, like where they live, what they do for a living, and what time of day they use social media. Use this data to plan what to post and when to post it to get the most exposure possible.

Think About Using Teasers Instead of Traditional Ads

A large number of adverts on Instagram might turn off even the most dedicated fans. Even if they have a genuine need for the products, customers do not appreciate being pressured into making a purchase. To avoid being too intrusive with your advertisements, though, you may still use teasers to promote your products. Think about more chill commercials that just show off your wares and encourage them to click a button that says “Buy Now” or something similar. If the photographs you use to promote a product appeal to your audience, they are more likely to purchase it after clicking the link you provide. Be sure to employ striking visuals and experiment with different backdrops to pique the reader’s attention.

Do sponsored ads occasionally

Only those who have chosen to follow you will be able to view your frequent updates. Yet, sponsored adverts might reach a sizable population that fits the demographic criteria of the target audience. Establish a daily advertising spending limit. The carousel function allows you to display a single advertisement or a group of advertisements. Be sure that there is a specific, quantifiable objective for each campaign. Make sure you accurately identify your intended audience to achieve your marketing goals. To get the most out of your social media posts, use appropriate hashtags.

If you want your Instagram following to expand, you need to give your current followers something to look forward to on a daily basis. You need to continuously updating your profile with fascinating fresh tales. Using hashtags to make your photographs searchable is a must while doing this. To improve your post’s discoverability, research trending hashtags that are relevant to your content. The hashtag should be both the brand name and a description of the content for which it is being searched.

Learn When It’s Ideal to Share Your Content

The best time to upload material on Instagram is something you should be aware of. You can learn when people are most active on your page by looking at the engagement rates at different times. Choose the two best times to publish your material from the list generated by the tool. Track customer involvement and their location with Instagram’s business analytics features. This is useful for figuring out when to make a post in order to attract customers in a specific time zone. If you’re unable to maintain consistent posting throughout the day, a social media scheduling tool can help you reach your intended audience at the most opportune times.

Get your rivals’ fans to follow you instead

While “stealing” may be too strong a term, in this case it describes the process of winning over the supporters of your rivals. It seems like your competition is going for the same customers as you are. This means that your fans are more likely to be interested in your material than, say, web surfers who stumbled onto it by chance. Follow your competitors, like and comment on their posts, and you’ll gain access to their followers. Thereafter, you may send them a request to “like” your page. If you like and like your competitors’ posts on Instagram, more than 30% of their followers are likely to return the favour.

To attract nearby consumers, utilise geotagging

If you run a local business, you don’t need to worry about gaining followers in other locations because they won’t be able to help you out. You may increase the number of qualified visitors to your site by using coordinates in your postings. To identify a certain venue, city, or region, use geotags. Instagram feeds and stories may now include location tags. Use the map in every one of your tales. Make sure your posts are relevant to the area of focus to get the most attention. Popular tales and the likings of the intended audience are the seeds from which most viral articles sprout.

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