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You Must Understand How To Draw Customers To Your Business Using Instagram.

If your product is visually appealing, there is no better place to promote it than Instagram. There isn’t a single sector that hasn’t seen an uptick in the number of companies attempting to use Instagram to grow their business, from solopreneurs to multinational conglomerates, from luxury goods to media to retail to the tech sector. In order to create effective Instagram branding strategies, some companies have reached out to the leading social media marketing agency in Gurgaon.

While marketers are starting to understand the potential of Instagram for their businesses, they still don’t know the ins and outs of creating a thriving profile there. Here are some suggestions to help you get the most out of your Instagram marketing efforts:

1. To use a popular phrase, hashtags are the monarch of social media.

Instagram is a hashtag community where users share and discover content based on the hashtags they use. Using hashtags in your social media posts makes them more discoverable by people with similar interests.  Research shows that the effective use of a single hashtag can increase interaction by 12%. Because of this, you should increase the frequency with which you use hashtags in your Instagram post. To improve your social media marketing efforts, hire a reputable agency.

2. No to the long captions, but yes to the visual story.

With Instagram, you can let your brand’s visuals do the talking. Today’s harried society has no patience for lengthy captions. If your Instagram post has fewer words and more visual appeal, it will be more appealing to Instagram’s younger demographic. People don’t have time to read and like longer captions, so posts with them result in lower engagement.

3. By adding geographical tags, your engagement will increase.

There are many apps and third-party discovery tools that enable location-based searches and content search, so posts that include the relevant location receive 79% more engagement than their untagged counterparts.

4. Higher Media Consumption Leads to Greater Participation

The internet has made it possible to quickly disseminate information through the use of video and photography. These are the most efficient methods of spreading information and making an impression on your target demographic. The top branding firms in Gurgaon increase interaction by regularly publishing interesting content.

5. Conversations Are Prompted By Calls to Action

Simple call-to-actions, such as “select the design you like most” or “tag a friend who would like to do this,” are the best way to increase engagement on your posts (comments, shares, likes or tags).

6. IGTV Is a Powerful Online Marketplace

With the rise of IGTV, Instagram has gained a potent new tool for gaining exposure on user feeds and attracting new audiences. Instagram’s new horizontal video feature, which addresses problems with vertical IGTV videos, is a welcome innovation. Brands can’t afford to ignore IGTV’s massive user base.

7. Benefits from mentioning

Using the @mention hashtag on Instagram increases interaction. More people may buy your product if a famous person has spoken positively about it. These are the methods by which you can dominate Instagram and bring in customers for your business. Malabar Gold and Diamonds is an Instagram marketing example. The brand has become synonymous with luxury in India. Although the brand was well-known in traditional media, the company hoped to expand its reach by introducing it to younger demographics through digital channels.

The marketing team at Malabar Gold and Diamonds used the popular social media platform Instagram to spread the word about their business and attract new customers. Using the carousel image feature, they uploaded ten or so images at once, showcasing an array of stunning designs that went viral. Users could view and evaluate a number of jewellery options in one place. In addition, Instagram’s magazine layout feature allowed us to compile our designs in a digital scrapbook that we exhibited.

Over the course of the campaign’s first three months, they saw a 24 percent increase in followers. By interacting with potential customers on Instagram and other digital channels, we were able to boost our lead generation and drive more customers into our stores.

Instagram is the way to go if you have a new brand and are looking to gain exposure. The marketing tools available on Instagram have helped many companies reach their objectives. Companies have realised the potential of Instagram marketing, from Apple to Samsung to Maruti Suzuki to Mercedes. We’ve been working hard as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Gurgaon to perfect our brand promotion techniques across all social media platforms.

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