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The Complete Guide To Schedule Instagram Stories

When used properly, Instagram Stories may increase brand awareness, foster positive user experiences, and even direct viewers to your company’s website (through swipe-up links or, more recently, link stickers).

Although Instagram Stories provide a wealth of creative opportunity, publishing to the platform on a consistent basis may be laborious and time-consuming, especially if Instagram plays a significant role in your social media marketing plan.

You may save yourself time and work by prescheduling your Stories posts. (Yes, you may use Hootsuite or Meta Business Suite to make, modify, and set up future Instagram Stories.)

Two different approaches of pre-scheduling Instagram Stories are discussed here. We’ll also go through the benefits of scheduling Instagram Stories in advance, as opposed to posting them instantly.

Unfortunately, you can’t pre-plan Instagram Stories within the app itself. However, you may plan ahead and publish Instagram Stories with the help of third-party apps like Hootsuite. Facebook Business Suite, Meta’s desktop interface, also allows you to pre-schedule Stories.

Schedule Instagram Stories for These 4 Benefits

More efficient

When you schedule Instagram Stories, you can devote that time to more productive activities, such as developing your next social media campaign or interacting with your followers.

Scheduled Stories may be published with a single click when the time arrives.
It’s easy to become confused about the correct order of the photographs and videos that make up a particular Story while generating and posting Stories using a smartphone.

Story files may be uploaded from your PC while using Meta Business Suite or a third-party application for scheduling Stories. The Story’s parts will be in the proper sequence at the top of your camera roll just before the Story goes live.

Additional editing choices are available

Hootsuite’s built-in editing capabilities are at your disposal when you use the platform to schedule Instagram Stories. Personal stickers can be used to further distinguish each Story.

You’ll have more freedom to express yourself creatively in your Stories if you do this on a desktop or laptop computer.

Instagram layouts allow you to maintain a unified visual identity for your brand

Using Instagram Story templates, you can quickly and easily produce content that is in keeping with your brand’s image. When sharing text-only information like quotations, texts, or links to blog posts, they can in extremely handy.
Unfortunately, most Instagram layouts call for the usage of Adobe Photoshop or another image editing programme. It might be time-consuming to move completed postings from Photoshop to a mobile device for sharing.

You may save yourself a lot of time when using Instagram themes by uploading your Stories straight from your PC. You may now make use of premade templates for your Story updates.

This Hootsuite article will teach you the basics of working with Instagram templates, and you can even download several free Instagram Stories templates to get you started.

Scheduling advance

It’s easy to make typos while using your thumbs to type the accompanying text for your Stories and when you throw in autocorrect to boot.

By scheduling posts in advance, you may organise your social media content and links in advance. Captions should be typed using a real keyboard.

Even better, you may use Draughts to store your work and return to it at a later time with a new perspective. You may even ask a friend to have a peek. If you’re making a post on the fly, that’s obviously not going to happen.

To stimulate participation

The more comfortable you become with scheduling Instagram Stories, the more frequently you’ll be able to share them.

Schedule your Instagram Stories in advance with Hootsuite. From this streamlined interface, you can easily create, edit, and organise your Story materials. Learn more about Hootsuite by giving it a try right now.

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