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Get The Sizing Guide For Images To Use In Social Media And Google AdWords

Correctly sizing images for use in social media posts and Google AdWords is trickier than it seems.

When you’re a social media advertiser, you have to deliver advertising on a wide variety of platforms, all of which have various requirements for the kind of photos that may be used in ads.

Many technical requirements and aesthetic principles govern the publication of images on each platform and affect how the final output is received by the audience. It’s not easy to keep up with the constant stream of updates that come out for each platform.

If you want your advertisements to work well, you need to use images that do so as intended. You’ll need this handy reference before you begin developing your advertisements to ensure that you’re using the correct picture size.

We’ve included the most recent specifications and design standards for image sizes used on social media and Google AdWords for your convenience. Use it regularly; mark the page in your bookmarks.

Ad Image Dimensions on Facebook

When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook is by far the most popular site. It can be difficult to keep track of them all due to the myriad of criteria, forms, and positions each one has. When dealing with so numerous requirements, it’s important to double-check that your ads always adhere to the correct standards.

Using the incorrect ad picture size on Facebook does more than simply make your advertising appear unprofessional; 

Images for Twitter Advertising and Their Dimensions

Promoted tweets, accounts, and trends are how Twitter advertising look and function, which makes them unique from other ad formats. Ads you make on this platform have a lot less restrictions than those on others, so don’t be afraid to try something out of the ordinary. So, many of the same rules for making your regular postings also apply when promoting on Twitter.

Marketing on Twitter using Visuals

Advertisements that are “in-stream” on Twitter are shown next to the material a user follows. The only distinction is that the bottom left will indicate whether or not the content is sponsored or promoted.

Dimensions for Website, App, and DM Card Formats

Targeted advertisements aim to increase traffic to your website, app installs, or direct messages from your Twitter followers.

Advertising by Google Picture Dimensions

Google is not just the most widely used search engine but also one of the most widely used email providers, with 29% of the market share held by Gmail. By placing advertising on their site, you may reach more people and increase your chances of making a sale than you could on any other social networking site.

Don’t forget that Google is also quite flexible as an advertising platform. For both mobile and desktop users, they provide a variety of ad sizes.

Marketing on the Search vs. Display Networks

Ads from the Google Search Network appear not just in users’ search results, but also on other Google services including Google Play, Google Maps, Google Shopping, and Google Pictures.

Common advertisements now appear in search results without the use of images. While Google Shopping advertisements don’t often use visuals, those for other sites on the search network do.

This sample demonstrates the use of a sidebar advertisement in addition to two different sizes of banner graphics. While you may select a target demographic for your advertising, you have no control over the other sorts of ads that could potentially show in conjunction with them. Keep this in mind as you develop your campaigns.

Dimensions for Instagram Commercials

You can’t find a more photo-focused social media service than Instagram. For that reason, the proportions of the images you use in your Instagram ads are crucial. Ads that are even slightly crooked or out of position will be immediately dismissed as amateurish.

As Instagram photos are part of the Facebook advertising ecosystem, you’ll find that many of the same requirements and recommendations that apply to Facebook ads also apply to Instagram.

Picture Dimensions for LinkedIn Advertising

Being the most popular site for finding new employment and connecting with current colleagues, LinkedIn is also a fantastic location to inform potential customers about your business and its guiding principles. LinkedIn has taken many cues from Facebook’s advertising model, so you may recognise some of the ad formats used there.

Size Guidelines for LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the best location to find a job or reach out to potential employees, but it can also be used to inform and inspire new customers. LinkedIn has taken many cues from Facebook’s advertising model, so you may recognise some of the ad formats they use.

Standard Ad Resolutions for YouTube

Google’s advertising system includes support for YouTube adverts. Getting people to see your brand when they’re already engaged with your content on the most popular video hosting platform is a terrific way to spread the word about your business. YouTube’s advertising options include both video commercials and a variety of still image formats.

Advertising Image Dimensions on Pinterest

Pinterest’s ad platform is simpler to use than Facebook’s or Instagram’s. Their service is geared around the dissemination of visual content, such as photographs and links to articles, and does not provide the option for users to leave comments or post to their friends’ walls. The advertisements on Pinterest are seamlessly integrated into the user experience.

Keep Picture Size in Mind for Your Social Media and Google Advertising

It’s easy to become confused about what size advertisements should be when you’re making them for many platforms. Don’t waste time guessing what size image to use for your social media ad; instead, save this page to your bookmarks so you can easily refer to it whenever you need to.

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