Things One Needs To Know About IGTV

IGTV is a video application which is given by Instagram for androids and smart phones. IGTV is a brilliant application which can be used functionally on Instagram application and website. This is the service which is introduced by the Instagram CEO. He launched this application in a live event of San Francisco. Lots of people are using the application, and on the other side, lots of people are still unaware of the application. 

If you are one of them who wants to know about the IGTV application, then read the information mentioned below thoroughly. In the post, we will break down the important things about the application so that one will get aware of the application. For bringing the best use of the application, one should try to Buy IGTV Likes it will help in improving the working of the application.  

Channels Like YouTube

In the IGTV application, there are many channels available as like YouTube, which is good at streaming. One can make even their own channels and put stories in the application to have fun. 

The application can be accessed at two places 

IGTV application is housed with the IG pictures and videos. If anyone has the desire to use IGTV on Instagram, then it is possible for them to do so. On the homepage, there is an icon of tiny TV which is located right next to the direct messages option. When the person clicks on the icon, the IGTV application can be accessed at that place. 

We are talking about two places, so the second place where the person can access the IGTV application is by using the specific accounts. Suppose you are following any blogging tutorials and all you want to watch is what the person is creating for their profile. Go to the profile and then you will find An IGTV logo on the head by which one can access the IGTV videos easily.   

Download The Application 

By using Instagram to access IGTV, if the person is not satisfied, then he can take help from the separate application also. There is a separate application available for IGTV which the person can download to stream as per they want comfortably. For gaining better results, one can Buy IGTV Like also as this will improve the working of the channel which you have made for gaining popularity.

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