What Are The Terrible Effects Of Instagram On Youth?

Instagram has cross 800 millions of users and broken the record of Facebook. 46% of the world’s youth is engaged in socializing on Instagram. Besides several benefits, the negative issues have put an adverse impact on the life of a child, especially girls. It causes problems such as manipulation of their posts even to the strangers. The youth share their password with various companies for a motive to buy Instagram story views, likes on posts, increasing in several followers. It can further lead to problems such as anxiety, depression, and other mental issues.

Problem Of Inadequacy

It leads to difficulty for users to compare them with another, and they end up with the issue of living ideal lives of another.

Issues Of Social Disorders

Instagram also lead to several problems that can lead to a problem of deficiency in hedonic orders. This will lead to a reduction in feeling happy from activities from which other person enjoys. These types of people run from the crowd and have few numbers of friends to have interaction.

Make Addiction

Instagram has become one of the significant addictions among youngsters. They use it for long a period, which make cause mental disorders that result in an emotional shutdown and reduces the ability to focus on one task.

Lead To Anxiety

The excess usage of Instagram leads to a problem in which a person feels that everyone is enjoying their life without his/her presence. This problem also arises when the user explores posts of others and compare to them because of less successful not being smart enough. The users have made a trend to make increasing likes and view an aggressive approach, so they buy Instagram story views to overtake other people.

Promotes Inactivity

According to national health forum, the people who are engaged in Instagram activities. This can lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular problems, blood pressure problems, arthritis, breathing issues, neck strain, and cancer.

Increases Obesity

Instagram can lead to distorting the perception of what is accepted. On the other side, social networks can inspire people to lose weight, but it can severely affect the individual causing several problems such as obesity, mental syndromes.

Leads To Eating Disorders

 Research found that person who used Instagram a lot had more body image concerns, which resulted in a higher tendency to engage in eating disorder behaviors